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The irony..

There is something like a 'Health and Wellness Centre' at the Waterfront, Cape Town and there they have what I imagine to be New Age stuff, fortune tellers, etc. The irony in that is people get involved in that nonsense and it opens up a doorway(s) for demonic bondage and (or) influence in their lives. I walked through there once and heard someone nearby utter something seemingly unintelligible. One can imagine the demons in that place.   

I read something in a Rebecca Brown book that left me with the impression that people can visit a fortune teller or palm reader (etc) just once and end up never accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour because they are demonically bound from doing so and (or) from being able to understand the message of His salvation. Sad.

'Health and Wellness Centre'.. please change it to 'Death and Bondage Centre'. "Please come here if you would like to let Satan ruin your life and bring you much unnecessary pain and suffering."

A new hobby?

Started messing around with my brother's guitar the other day.. and I liked it - exploring the different sounds and combinations as they came to me, I was able to make what sounded (to me at least) like some kind of pleasant tune or perhaps several of them. I saw potential in it. I imagined myself expanding on that and perhaps teaching myself more.

I can imagine myself saying, "So that's how they can sit for hours with the guitar in the room". It can be therapeutic. It occurs to me the better you get at it, the better you are able to express yourself and certain things that are inside you.

God is good

You don't know how good God is until you find yourself in a horrible crisis and you're trusting in Him; when the darkness suddenly and rudely interrupts your life, surrounding you, threatening to choke the life out of you; when all hell seems to come against you and there is no one who can help you, but God; when there is no one who is willing to stand by you, but God; when no one understands what you're going through, but God; when no one seems to care, but God.

Praise the Lord He is with me. I don't where I'd be without Him.

Mixed feelings.

So... this is my first blog entry over here. Why should it be my last?

Well, it's been a while since I was last here on EP. A lot has gone down since and in-between. I believe I've done some growing and maturing. Where to start? I don't know, but maybe I can cover at least some of what has been going on in my life lately in this part of the world in southern Africa. It's late, and it's likely that I won't start that in any depth right now. But no promises for the future either. Just maybe's and if's.

Logging on to EP for the first time in months, perhaps since some time in Sept 2011, I have mixed feelings of pain and hope and warmth and other stuff that I care not try to describe now.

Until my next blog entry... if and when. No promises. ;)


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